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Photography made simple

"The wonderful video above captures all the fun during a typical day spent learning how to use your camera"

Are you confused about all the options available on your digital camera? What settings to use and what buttons to press? Or perhaps you have some experience but want to move to the next level. Digital photography can be a lot of fun once things have been made clearer for you.

It's fun and informative

Here at Perfect Photo Company it is fantastic for us to watch our students progress as we unlock their inner creativity in our DSLR classes and photo editing courses here in Liverpool. We have a lot of fun, make a lot of friends and have helped to create a new generation of fantastic photographers. Why not come and spend the day with us and we guarantee to demystify your camera controls and have you capturing photographs to be proud of.

Our fab student photographs

The quality of our student photography is so good that we quite often showase their composition work on our sister website the Liverpool Image Company. This gives stuents a marvellous opportunity to dispaly their work on Liverpool's most popular photography website for all the world to see. Student work can be found in the Photography gallery and also in the Blog and News section. Why not pop over and take a look.



Our one day course designed to demystify your camera controls. By the end of the day Aperture size, Shutter Speed and ISO will be your new best friends. In easy to follow sections we make our classes hugely enjoyable and our class walkabout is legendary

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Our one day photographic composition class will show you how to capture the perfect photo. Held on a Sunday you will also be given a photo assignment to complete to stimulate your creativity. We guarantee to unleash your inner creativity.

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RAW to Print

This workshop looks at how to optimise your images to get the very best results from your photographs. We will take you from a RAW image file through the various editing options to a beautiful finished print.

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Adobe Lightroom....coming soon

Our one day Adobe Lightroom course will teach you how to optimise and edit you photographs just like the professionals. We will look at the many creative options available within in Lightroom which help to create amazing images.

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DSLR One to One training session

In our one to one session you will have the full attention of a professional photographer at your side. You own personal expert guiding you throughout the session and demystifying the many camera controls.

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